About Us

Pal Anmol is a Hyderabad-based event management company. Started in April 2001 with the idea of bringing joy into every moment of people’s lives and to make each moment a wonderful and memorable one, Pal Anmol has created a niche for itself in its field. It is our objective to create situations full of life, to make each moment so wonderful and full of joy that it will be etched on your mind forever. Pal Anmol is backed by Galadas – an established and diversified group experienced in the manufacturing and management sectors, and presently working in the fields of power, infrastructure, organic agriculture, education and entertainment. Pal Anmol provides unmatchable services in event management. With a readiness to work in different but related areas such as musical events, theme-based events and corporate events to parties and weddings, trade shows and sporting events, Pal Anmol is all set to change the way events are conducted.

Our Team

Pal Anmol comprises a team of individuals who are dedicated to their work, and believe in doing their best. We have at our disposal the expertise of several interested and active individuals from fields as varied as fashion designing to sports, cookery to English literature. This enables Pal Anmol to deliver events suitable to the needs of every audience: events of a rare quality, helping us live up to our objective of making every moment an unforgettable experience. We can organise events right from conception, going on to designing and executing them. For this, we are able to draw upon a network of people in areas as varied as the Indian film and fashion industries, print and moving media, sports and sporting associations, marketing and management, food and decoration, and all kinds of related equipment.

Other Projects

Sneh Agritech & Infra Pvt. Ltd.


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